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Questor Consulting is an independent corporate and litigation communications consultancy founded in 2013, to provide clients with a real alternative.

We are a senior team of advisors dedicated to making a positive difference to our clients’ profiles, revenues and reputations. The work is done by practitioners with decades of experience and strong relationships across the media. We are strategic, efficient and the results that we generate make a real difference.

We work closely with digital marketing experts and go beyond traditional PR, as more information and news about our clients is consumed online. Being plugged into the latest and greatest in social media and online search, also ensures that we can help to optimise our clients’ digital footprint and that their message stays relevant.

Our clients are headquartered in the UK, Europe and the US, and we work across sectors. Our current clients include financial services, legal services, technology and energy companies.


Désirée Maghoo


Laure Lagrange


Asha Sureni

Team Assistant

Barbara de Calonje

Legal Advisor

Julie Leivesley

Legal Advisor

Bruce Huber

Corporate Finance Advisor

Mungo Park

Digital Marketing Advisor